About Us

Natural Solutions Australia is a natural pest control company, developed by Australian farmers to benefit Australian farmers.

We’re located in the productive Bowen region on Queensland’s Whitsunday Coast, and we breed and sell a range of beneficial insects and other natural pest solutions.

Our natural products enable you to become more sustainable and adopt alternatives to chemical pest controls.

Moving to an integrated pest management system means your farming system will be safe and sustainable for you and for the environment.

By adopting a non-toxic integrated pest management system, you will see cost savings in your farming business, and healthier crops and soil on your farm.


We provide natural solutions for everyday problems by reducing the need for chemicals in our environment.


Our goal is to provide beneficial insects to the agriculture industry, whileeducationg growers on the advantages of biological controls & their environmental benefits.


Farmer friendly, higher quality products at a competitive cost.


Why Biological Pest Control is Better

No toxic impact on your farm

Reduced pest resistance

No chemical residue in soil & waterways

No impact on pollinators