Our Team

Natural Solutions Australia is a natural pest control company, developed by Australian farmers to benefit Australian farmers.

Ahmet Ipek

Managing Partner & Entomologist

Ahmet is an entomologist who graduated with a master’s degree in Agricultural Science from The University of Queensland.


He is a managing partner with Natural Solutions Australia and has developed a program to successfully and reliably mass-rear a wide range of beneficial insect species.


Ahmet was motivated to pursue a career in entomology because of his interest in the role of beneficial insects can play in improving the environment and protecting crops in a natural way.


“I believe insects keep important secrets, not only about our planet but also the universe. This motivates me to observe them closely. Beneficial insects contribute to the well-being of humans and of our natural world. Using beneficial insects to protect crops is the most sustainable path towards food safety, since they are important vectors for protecting soil and plant health with zero toxicity.”


Ahmet has a background in business, with degree qualifications in Business Administration and Finance from Canada and professional experience in the UK and Turkey.

Darcy Filmer

Sales & Technical Manager

An agronomist with over 20 years’ experience in production horticulture and having a background in research, Darcy enjoys working with progressive producers.


Whilst assisting producers with their crop protection programs, Darcy understands the importance of, and the challenges they face, delivering a high quality, “clean & green” product to the consumer.


”Beneficial insects play an integral role, providing safe, effective and sustainable options for pest management, within the farming system, whether that be organic or conventional.”